Who We Serve

Our Clients

Applied Digital Solutions is proud to serve public safety and commercial clients across a wide variety of industries in which quality and reliability of recording is critical:

  • Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs)
  • Law Enforcement Offices
    (Police and Sheriff stations)
  • Commercial Contact Centers
  • Major Corporations
  • Child Advocacy Centers (CACs)
  • Universities (Safety/Campus Police)
  • Hospitals and Health Care Facilities
  • and more ?

We understand the need for secure, future-proof recording solutions to capture and store communications and events, and to immediately provide reporting when required.  So, we offer a wide variety of contact recording, reporting and analytics solutions. From simple call recording and playback to quality assurance and call analytics, we have the software solutions and support system to help your institution reach its full potential.

Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs), Law Enforcement, Next Gen 911 and First Net

Public safety professionals rely on call recording software to capture mission-critical data on a daily basis, through traditional telephone and radio systems, but also increasingly through new digital channels and networks, such as VOIP, P25 radio, Text-to-911, and a variety of video recording devices.

As recording technology increasingly becomes a multimedia component of Next Gen 911 and FirstNet, ADS as a leading distributor and service/support supplier for PSAPs, provides future ready solutions and service to support your agency:

  • NICE Recording Solutions, a partner for public safety contact recording and analytics. ADS is NICE?s Premier Partner for PSAP solutions in Alabama, Kentucky, Ohio, Maryland, Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington DC.
  • Eventide, a partner for call recording for public safety professionals.
  • iRecord, our interview room recording solution that ensures simplicity of use and integrity of data for interrogations and interviews.

Commercial Contact Centers

ADS offers comprehensive contact-recording and analytics solutions to help Commercial Contact Centers optimize their quality assurance, regulatory compliance, agent performance and liability management.

Commercial solutions range from simple call recording and playback to full-service software with quality assurance forms built in to the program.  We also offer analytics solutions that allow you to learn the most from your customer interactions.

  • dvsAnalytics Encore Recordingsoftware for comprehensive support of recording, analytics, compliance and performance-enhancement

Child Advocacy Centers

Child Advocacy Centers are tasked with the delicate role of interviewing and aiding children who are in difficult and dangerous situations.  Due to the importance of the task, CACs must record all of their interactions with children to assure that the child is given the best care and treatment possible. For them, and for the children they protect, it is essential that their interview room recording solution is continuous (to avoid stop-start processes) and of the highest quality, as no-one involved wants to repeat the sensitive interviews due to technical issues.

ADS is proud to offer recording solutions particularly developed to support CACs:

  • iRecord interview recording solutions

Universities and Colleges

Educational institutions must do more than just educate new generations.  In most cases, they are also tasked with protecting and securing their campus.  ADS offers recording solutions for universities to record everything from interviews with students to emergency calls to campus police:

  • iRecord for interview recording
  • NICE or Eventidefor emergency call recording