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Do you ever wonder about what you don?t know about your business or agency?  What is the real cost of not having that knowledge at your fingertips?  ADS has your speech analytics solutions!

PBI Speech Analytics

If you record calls, the answers are already in your recorded customer comments, questions and feedback.  You just need a fast and easy way to identify those call records.

ADS is proud to offer PBI Speech Analytics, a powerful phoenetics-based speech analytics solution.  PBI processes and mines your customer interactions to provide you with key data to make smart business decisions.  PBI allows you to evaluate the voice content on 100% of your calls, in near real time.  In most cases, you can even continue using your existing recording device.

Here are some areas where PBI Speech Analytics will deliver results:

Search Time

Criminal Investigations

Case Files

Regulatory Compliance

Market Intelligence

Sales Effectiveness

Quality Assurance

Automatic Notifications

Flexible Analysis Reporting

Fraud Detection

Customer Experience

Collections Effectiveness

Agent Performance

Organize Call Data

Flagged Calls

Operational Effectiveness

Customer Retention

First Call Resolution

Suppose you are given the task of identifying calls in a specific date range where a caller said, ?I want to speak to a supervisor.? How would you go about finding those calls? Your call recording software probably provides a search system that would allow you to identify calls received on a specific date and time, but short of listening to all the calls, how will you identify only the calls containing the desired phrase?

PBI Speech Analytics software provides you with the ability to search recorded audio files for specific phrases. You simply set a call filter for the date in question and enter the phrase into the single phrase search box. In a few seconds, your results are displayed in a call list window and you have completed your task.

Watch the video below, and then call ADS at (502) 253-0134 to discuss how PBI Speech Analytics can increase productivity, improve quality assurance and customer retention, and even assist with criminal investigations.

It?s time to find out what you don?t know!

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