iRecord Interview Room Recording

The Problem

Law enforcement officials and child advocates need simple, reliable interview room recording software, now more than ever before.  However, conventional recording devices are not doing enough for the individuals they are meant to help. 

iRecord Is the Solution

iRecord is our newest on-demand recording solution for these problems.  iRecord uses high definition IP cameras, microphones, software, and a simple on/off switch (which can be incorporated into the light-switch panel) to capture audio and video from multiple rooms. iRecord is the leading on-demand high definition digital audio and video recording, broadcast and content management solution.  iRecord cost effectively helps organizations record, store, distribute, manage and utilize critical audio and video recordings.

The benefits don?t stop there.  Here are just a few of the many features:

  • Simple interface.  Easy-to-navigate layout and a push-to-start button allows anyone on your team to use it, no matter their technical expertise level.
  • Search by more than just date.iRecord allows users to add metadata such as detective name, case number, or notes, all of which are searchable.  Accessing the highlights of your interviews has never been simpler.
  • Save in a single file.No matter how long the interview, iRecord can save it all in one simple file.  No more going through multiple videos to find the right statement.
  • Multiple viewing options.  Whether you want to view a recording occurring in one room or three, iRecord makes it easy to watch what?s going on throughout your network.
  • Remote monitoring.View interview rooms from your desktop, laptop, or tablet.  You no longer need to have your whole team huddled around a single monitor.  iRecord provides each user with the software needed to monitor the interview from any network-connected computer.
  • Easy to copy.All files recorded through iRecord are conveniently simple to save in variety of digital formats.
  • Optimal portability. Take the software with you, no matter where you are.  This allows you to interview or monitor your interview rooms in the field.

Different Products for Different Needs

ADS understands that child advocacy centers and law enforcement officials across the country need different solutions to their varied problems.  We offer three different systems to help solve your day-to-day challenges:

  • Anywhere:A mobile solution for advocates and officials on the go.  Record and save interviews on your laptop or tablet so your files can be as mobile as you are.
  • Universe: A simple, one-touch recording system for multiple interview rooms.
  • Enterprise: Connects your Universe and Anywhere solutions with a centralized evidence management system to keep all of your interviews and observations in a single repository.

Learn More

To find out more about what iRecord and ADS can do to solve your interview room problems, fill out our contact form to request more information from our team.  You can also set up a one-on-one demo of the software with our experienced staff.