NICE Inform

Public safety professionals rely on NICE call recording software to manage and organize their most sensitive contact records. ADS is proud to be a premier partner of NICE, the leading recording solution provider.  NICE?s Public Safety Recorder and Inform software applications are designed to help public safety organizations record, play back, and manage all their critical interactions with citizens and first responders.


NextGen 911 ready

NICE recording logs radio traffic, screen captures, traditional 911 and VoIP calls, plus new multimedia.  NextGen 911 will require PSAPs to record texts to 911, video, and pictures.  NICE Inform is a future-proof solution that captures all forms of communications to and from 911 dispatch centers. This means you?ll never miss an interaction.

Flexible and scalable

NICE scales and adapts from a single PSAP center to an integrated network of sites.  Multi-tenant security and database partitioning allow agencies to share recording resources while providing unified access to recordings captured by local and remote systems.

Incident reconstruction and sharing

NICE Inform software synchronizes and puts isolated information into context.  This allows you to use data from multiple channels to recreate a full incident.  Inform then stores all collected content in centralized, secure folders so all authorized reviewers can access critical information when they need it.

Quality assurance

Inform allows users to evaluate single interaction and complex incidents with multiple channels.  This allows administrators to detect and isolate performance issues and compliance violations quickly and easily.

Audio analytics

Inform Audio Analytics allows users to search by spoken keywords and phrases across all channels.  This allows vital information to be accessed without listening to multiple recordings.

Real-time decision support

Inform provides constant monitoring of multiple channels and allows users to replay recent calls quickly.  It also allows you to replay the last recordings over a search period. These capabilities allow managers to make critical decisions in near real-time.

Broad range of integrations

NICE Public Safety Recording integrates with a wide variety of telecommunication lines, digital and VoIP extensions, radio systems, and NG9-1-1 networks.

To learn more about NICE Inform 8 and how it can help you better serve your community, contact us to set up a one-on-one demo with one of our trained professionals.