Our Mission

To provide high-quality recording solutions and unparalleled technical service that improve productivity and optimize operations.

Who We Are

For over ten years, Applied Digital has been an industry leader in voice recording technology.  Our team is fully dedicated to and passionate about helping our customers find and configure solutions that make them more productive.  We serve hundreds of clients in industries from public safety to commercial contact centers, from universities to hospitals, and many more.

Our dedicated team is ready to assist you at every point in the purchasing process, to ensure that you purchase a recording solution that improves your overall performance.  What sets ADS apart is our unwavering technical support.  We have a highly experienced and knowledgeable network of field engineers stationed throughout our eight-state territory.  This means that you will receive technical service to ensure the solution is there when you need it.  It shouldn’t be the focus of your team to keep your recording solution operating.  You should know you can rely on it always.  We will be there whenever there is a disruption to bring your recorder up to its fully-functional level.

Our team has always stood by our customers and helped them manage transitions to new technology and navigate changing technological demands.  That will never change.  We will always continue to focus on customer service and providing high-quality recording technology for you and your community.

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