2017 FirstNet Wrap-Up

FirstNet’s Status after 2017

After a year of making plans and decisions, FirstNet has been officially adopted by all 50 states, two territories, and Washington, D.C.  Although the buzz of opt-in/opt-out decisions has ended, 2018 promises many changes for the public safety community thanks to FirstNet.

As a public safety professional, these upcoming changes will be incredibly relevant to your community and organization.  The network buildouts planned by FirstNet and AT&T will revolutionize urgent communications by allowing public safety professionals to rely on their network 24/7/365.

What’s Next

You can expect many changes in 2018.  Here are four key milestones that FirstNet has laid out for the coming year:

  1. Expanding the public safety broadband network. From FirstNet’s inception, one of its key features has been the expansion of bandwidth it would provide for public safety professionals across the country.  This expanded network, powered by AT&T, will allow first responders to communicate and share information better than ever.
  2. New push for public safety innovation. FirstNet will begin a new technology marketplace for public safety innovations, such as new mission-critical applications. This means you and your team can access and keep up-to-date on all new developments in the emergency communications field.
  3. Securing emergency communications. FirstNet is a non-commercial network available only to first responders and other public safety professionals.  Also, all communications will be fully encrypted to optimize cyber security. This network is planned to be fully operational by March, so make sure to keep up-to-date with us for all new changes.
  4. Engaging with public safety. Even after the state decisions have been made, your input will continue to be vital to FirstNet’s maintenance and progress. FirstNet will incorporate feedback from organizations like yours as they plan their operations and future. Make sure to remain active in these conversations to ensure that all your community’s needs are considered.

Applied Digital Solutions remains committed to making sure you make the most of FirstNet’s implementation. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to remain current on all FirstNet and emergency communication developments. We look forward to the changes that FirstNet will bring and look forward to being your partner in voice recording and playback in 2018.