Recording Laws

New Trends

As a member of the law enforcement community, you may have noticed a recent push towards implementing more video and audio recording technology in interview rooms.  Interview room recording is already required by some state governments.

Recording your interviews and interrogation is vital to solving and making your case.  However, if the law does not require your department to record audio and video of your interviews, should you still record them?

The Solutions You Need

The answer is, emphatically, yesStudies have shown that recording your critical interviews results in higher conviction rates, more guilty pleas, and stronger prosecution records on appeal.  States have notice the benefits and have started passing laws that require video and audio recording of pending legislation or court cases that will soon take effecct.  Installing a recording system for your interview rooms now means that you are ahead of the curve and managing your interviews to the best of your ability.

Applied Digital Solutions ensures that your recording solution conforms to existing laws and is ahead of future ones that may be enacted.  ADS is proud to be a licensed dealer of iRecord, the simplest interview room recording solution on the market.

With iRecord you can quickly and easily record your most important interviews in ultra-clear HD.  Once you have the recording, you can tag the interview, so you’ll always be able to search for the most important moments.  And, when your case comes to court, you’ll be able to copy and transfer files to interested parties via DVD or USB.  Finally, and perhaps most importantly, iRecord conforms to existing laws on recording of police interrogations.  iRecord is a high definition, simple recording solution that is accessible and relevant to police and sheriffs’ offices across the country.

To learn more about iRecord, click here.  You can also contact us to schedule a free demo of iRecord.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.