Quality Assurance and Improvement

Emergency contact call takers have arguably one of the most difficult jobs on the market.  They must interact with callers in high-stress, high-stakes situations.  After the calls finish, a new kind of work begins, where managers must do quality assurance of calls.

APCO and NENA standards require that PSAPs across the country frequently check the quality of calls taken.  Quality assurance and improvement programs ensure that your call takers are performing and serving the community to the best of their abilities.

NICE Inform Evaluator and Reporter aids PSAPs in monitoring and improving the quality of call takers.  However, many managers may have questions about QA and QI in the PSAP environment.  ADS is committed to helping PSAPs enact QA programs efficiently, so here are a few tips on optimizing your PSAP’s efficiency and quality.

  1. How many and which calls to QA.  Industry standard recommends reviewing at least 2 percent of all calls taken and dispatched.  Additionally, selection of these calls should be totally random.  All call takers should be reviewed.  Also, the standards recommend that all crisis and widespread emergency event calls should be checked.
  2. Review the whole call, not just the intake.  It is incredibly important that all parts of the call be checked for quality and accuracy.  Just reviewing the intake process leaves out other very important communications, such as dispatch and scene clearing.
  3. Setting up forms and scoring calls Align your forms with standard operating procedures and create unique QA forms for different call types.  Call taking and dispatching, for example, should have two different QA forms since their standards are very different.  Also, make sure your scoring questions have simple yes or no answers to eliminate subjectivity.
  4. Let technology do the work for you.  Paper evaluation forms and over-the-shoulder monitoring are out-of-date.  Now, there is technology available that streamlines the QA and QI processes.  You can automate which calls to review and complete evaluations via computer.  Then, the technology can automatically generate reports that highlight performance metrics and trends.  It’s never been simpler than this.

ADS has the solutions PSAPs need to adhere to national QA and QI standards.  NICE Inform Evaluator and Reporter conform to industry standards to ensure that the quality of your PSAPs responses is optimized.  You can learn more about NICE Inform here.  To ask questions or schedule a demo, don’t hesitate to contact us or call us at 502-253-0134.