FirstNet Status

What is FirstNet?

Most public safety officials have heard about FirstNet, the organization devoted to implementing a national broadband network for public safety officials.  The FirstNet platform would bring 21st century technology to PSAPs and first responders so that critical, time-sensitive information can be recorded, stored, analyzed and communicated more quickly.  With these tools, public safety workers can make faster and better decisions.

The FirstNet network will be reliable, interoperable, and innovative.  FirstNet also allows for newer forms of communications, such as picture and video capture, to be reliably captured and transmitted to those who need the information immediately.

An important part of the implementation of the FirstNet network is the increasingly essential need to send all 911 communications to first responders.  This promotes immediate situational awareness and security while emergency events are occurring.  Even now, PSAPs across the country can receive and capture many forms of data.  The FirstNet network will permit 911 call centers to share this information as close to real time as possible.

FirstNet Status

Right now, 25 states and 2 US territories have opted-in to the FirstNet network.  By the middle of December, all states? governors must make the decision to accept their individualized FirstNet plan and opt-in to the network.  When states opt-in, FirstNet deploys and operates their network at no-cost for 25 years.  All states that opt-out must run their own NextGen 911-compatible network at their own cost.

Applied Digital Solutions is pleased to say that 7 of the 9 states in our territory have opted-in to the FirstNet network.  ADS is thrilled to be able to work with our customers to offer solutions that work well with FirstNet?s requirements.  ADS also aims to keep customers and followers up-to-date on all FirstNet and NextGen 911 news. 

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FirstNet Progress