ADS is a leading provider of call recording solutions, contact analytics, and support services.

ADS offers a diverse selection of public safety software and commercial call center software, including call-recording, reporting and analytics solutions, to meet the mission-critical needs of our clients and the communities they serve.  Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs), law enforcement, healthcare facilities, Child Advocacy Centers, security dispatch centers, and commercial contact centers are a few of the emergency-responsive industries that benefit from our specialized recording solutions.

We provide full system design solutions, project management, installation, training and in-house support for all our products. Our sales engineers partner with you during the discovery process to determine the best solution and integration requirements for your needs. Our professional implementation team and field engineers will work with your technical team throughout the implementation process.  They also provide post-installation support.

Explore our product offerings below and contact us to learn how our recording solutions and speech analytics solutions can enhance your performance.

Public Safety

From small call logging applications to large multi-site installations, Applied Digital Solutions can configure and support a contact recording, reporting and analytics system to meet all public safety needs.

Public safety organizations have unique, mission-critical technology needs. Applied Digital Solutions provides reliable and future-proof public safety technology solutions for the capture, storage, retrieval and playback of multimedia communications and incident information. We offer call recording solutions that can be used in either traditional or VoIP telephony environments and integrated with traditional or trunked radio systems.

Public safety technology, especially recording software, has evolved to meet Next Generation 911 (NG911) standards. NG911 is an Internet Protocol (IP)-based system that allows the public to communicate with public safety organizations through a growing variety digital channels (voice, photos, videos, text messages). The new protocol will enhance communication within the 911 system. With new public safety technology, 911 will adjust to keep up with the favored communication technology used by the public.

The technology to implement NG911 systems is available now. Applied Digital Solutions partners with leading manufacturers of public safety technology, such as Nice Inform 8,  to ensure the solutions are future-ready. The Applied Digital Solutions team works with customers to plan and deploy these solutions in a cost-effective, highly secure and reliable manner.

Commercial Contact Centers

Commercial contact centers, universities and other call centers derive a variety of benefits from voice recording, ranging from regulatory compliance and liability management to improved customer experience and agent retention.

Applied Digital Solutions provides recording solutions for commercial contact centers, financial institutions, trading floors, and a variety of other enterprises.  We meet a wide range of call center recording needs, from simple record and playback to full-featured Work Force Optimization (WFO) solutions.